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Spiritual Life Coaching

You are not your mind- you are a complex of brain-mind, and soul minds, and spirit minds. Coaching on your Spiritual Path is sometimes necessary to maintain balance and happiness.

Spiritual Energy Healing

Chakras are soul minds and spiritual minds. Exactly as a person’s brain mind or ‘mental health’ sometimes needs care, so too, the soul minds and spirit minds need care.

Helping You Achieve Success

Transformational Spirituality. Unlock Your Full Potential.

Spirituality by definition  is something that changes people. Spirituality is not religion, it surpasses religion and is the domain of the likes of Gautama Buddha, Laozi, Jesus, Rumi and Kabir, St. Francis of Assisi, Kahlil Gibran, Lallaswari, Gurdjieff, Thomas Merton, George Bernard Shaw, and the philosophers of old.

Self-help gurus have been teaching mind-techniques to make people happy for more than 80-years  –  yet, people now take more psychoactive drugs, and are unhappier than ever. The problem is that people work with HALF OF THEIR POTENTIAL. The spiritual self, the higher-self was neglected. So…they can only be half as happy as their full potential. Unless they take the spiritual path.

The EGO is not something we can discard, it is essential to the soul.

When we manage the EGO with higher-self, we rid ourselves of uncertainty.

Our full potential is success as a human being, not success according to society.

To live a life of Sensuousness, Loving-kindness, Gratitude and Joy is within your reach.

Stress Management Coaching

No matter how easygoing you are, life can get stressful. When stress takes over, it is destructive.

Relationship Coaching

 Struggling with relationships – our relationship coaching is positive and results-oriented.

Spiritual Lifestyle Coaching

With a spiritual lifestyle you will have a joy for life, positive relationships, meaning and purpose in life.

Spiritual Energy Healing

An ancient Prana chakra-energy healing therapy – heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Spiritual Life Coaching?
Who is This For?

Everything is not about Coaching, it is about learning who you are and how your inner mechanisms (soul / spirit / minds) work. When you know yourself in this way, you know the world, and when you know how the world thinks and why it is the way it is, life becomes JOYFUL and the things that used to hurt so bad and seemed so very confusing…become sources of wisdom.  We are spiritual lifestyle teachers more than coaches. We enable people.

"I am Spiritual but not Religious."
ButterflyPath is a Wayist Lifestyle.

People who identify as Spiritual But Not Religious find all joy in this Path. Thereagain, many people who outgrow their religion but for social and family reasons cannot move away, find meaning and truth in Wayism. For that reason you will meet people who identify as Wayist Yogis, Wayist Christians, Wayist Buddhists and Wayist Hindus.

"Nothing About Life Makes Sense Nowadays"!

We know the feeling. One can lose oneself in the way things are going now. Relationships are not flowing as before. It is difficult to navigate the new world.
We have found that the only invariables are spiritual truths that anchor us –because we have lived many confusing lifetimes in the past, and the spiritual Path is always there, always informing us; it is an anchor and it EXPLAINS most of the things that makes life seem crazy.

"I think I am a Buddhist, but I'm not sure. But maybe I believe in a angels as well."
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"I think everything is Energy, and Spirituality is about Energy." / "I may be an empath, life hurts me."

Everything is Energy. The soul is one type of energy, and the spirit is another, and so are mind and the energies of the body different types of energy. We have chakras that are soul minds, and chakras that are spirit minds. Some of the lower-self chakras are the ones who typically drive our fears, needs, anxiety, social issues and discontent.

When spiritual awakenings happen, we can get stuck in empathy that disrupt our lives rather than nourish the spirit. When this happens, we can guide you to mature your understanding of what is happening inside of you.

"I have investigated all the paths out there...but still searching."

We know what this is like. We have served time as Christian clergy for a while, we studied World Religions and also Theology at a seminary. We have old-school ashram studies in our resumes. We have studied every religion and every Path out there.

It was not until late in life that we found the Light of Wayism and its Butterfly Path. It works for us and it worked for thousands of people who have learned about it from the books and workshops and retreats. People are guided to “discover” this higher Path for themselves–when they are ready for it.

About Us

 Join our community at Wayist.Life and learn more about theWAY  

We are a team of Wayist teachers, coaches and healers.

Jean and Adele have more than 30-years’ experience teaching spirituality, presenting workshops, retreats and managing spiritual energy healing clinics.  Additionally, they are well qualified counsellors, coaches, and healers with experience from all walks of life since 1991.

Billie is a life coach and energy healer with many years experience.


Day of Healing
I had such a powerful day with Adele. It was a much needed day of healing and unburdening of old wounds. It was very emotional and exactly what I was needing. I woke the next morning light and free with a new outlook and peace about my life. Thank you so much!
The center is a beautiful space and I look forward to returning someday!

Amazing healing
I recommend this place 200%! Adele is amazing, she healed me and gave me the strength I needed. I will do the full retreat next time for sure! If you are lost or looking for peace, love then you should come!
THANK YOU! Namaste
N'g V

Morning Meditation
Spent the morning with my 11yr old son doing a Karman Yoga Meditation. Adele is truly a gem!! This is a great place to sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful garden.

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