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“Namaste. It is our calling and personal dedication to help you
to find and maintain your balance,
to live a life of Light, Joy, and Happiness.”

Our Story

We are a group of Wayist teachers who make our services available here to help people from all over the world.

We work under expert personal guidance as we dedicate our lives to bring to the public all the resources one may need on the Path. We are available as mentors, coaches, counselors, healers and guides. We produce life lessons in video and podcast format, we write regular blogs and post regular inspirational media.

We also prepare future Wayist teachers and Pranamayati healers. Join us and lets all holds as we walk the Path on our way Home.

We are not psychologists or counsellors according to the mental health industry definitions. We are spirituality teachers and spiritual lifestyle and Path coaches, we are also trained to do spiritual energy work.

Our Values & Beliefs

Wayism - the Butterfly Path

We follow Wayists principles. The attitudes of Humbleness, Simplicity and Helpful Loving-kindness are key for us–we give that, we live that, and in our professional lives we choose to work with people who hold the same values.

We are guides and mentors

We are always eager to empower people to help themselves, to ease the minds, soothe the soul, and inspire the spirit. We offer a hand to walk with you, but you must do the walking.

We have experience. Life is about experience.

Every spiritual teacher comes from a real life–having lived normal and extraordinary lives, having experienced the mundane and the traumatic. Not one Wayist teacher we know speaks only from theoretical knowledge–we value wisdom more.

Jean du Plessis

I am a lifelong student of spirituality and prolific writer. Much of my written work is of theoretical interest, mainly used for teaching and training. In addition, I have published several popular books.

I am a senior spiritual teacher in Wayism. My students and clients are mostly Wayist teachers, or learning to become teachers and healers.

Jean Prieur du Plessis author profile photo

Adele du Plessis

I have been working as spiritual counsellor and healer for more than 30 years. We have worked in diverse places and social settings from slums in Africa and India to normative society in Europe and North America.

As mentor, healer and coach, one makes thousands of good friends over the years and we are always very grateful for that gift.

Adele duPlessis

Join our Team

If you aspire to become a Wayist Teacher

  • We present training to enable you to present Butterfly Path as a workshop. Based on the book, we provide all the material and training one may need to be qualified.
  • We have online resources to help you prepare to become a Wayist teacher.
  • We have online resources to teach Pranamayati: prana spiritual energy healing.

Have a question that is not answered on the website? Please contact us.

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