Adele du Plessis

Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healer

Helping you channel your full potential

Namaste, my commitment to the well-being of your emotional and spiritual energy reaches across space-time. It will be a privilege to be your guide and healer on your journey.

Adele duPlessis

My Story

Following my passions, I qualified as Pneumatherapists (‘pneuma’ spirit), trained in the North of India. Decades of spiritual energy healing experience, coaching, and teaching transformative spirituality, brings about a worldview with greater insight and compassion. My journey led me to the back-streets of India, slums of Johannesburg, the privileged of North-America, the rural villages of Cambodia, the history rich South-East Asia, among other.

With an academic degree in World Religions and Philosophy, a three-year seminary degree in Christian Theology and Pastoral Counselling, my interest and studies continue. Presently I am working on my book Karman Yoga Meditation.

Why am I on this journey … I can only smile and answer that I am merely following my dharma.

My Approach

Not everybody is happy with a straight-forward approach to their concerns and issues – however, most probably that is why you are here.

Too many people are unhappy, regardless of counselling, and mind-altering drugs … why?  Is it because Western therapy focus on only the body-mind and soul attachments, grossly neglecting the spiritual-mind?

My approach incorporates the body mind, the soul and spirit minds, as well as the body’s spiritual energies. Spiritual energy healing and life-style coaching aims at providing insight, healing, and guidance on your Butterfly Path journey. Let it be a joyous path.

Know that your spiritual energies cannot  lie or pretend – not when your soul is in pain and your spirit trapped.  It is time that you ‘own your own mind’ and allow your heart ‘let go’.

Hope to meet with you soon, on a retreat, at a workshop, or web-connection.  

Much love, Adele

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