Spiritual Path Coaching

Learn from those who walked the Path before

The world is full of spiritual path ideas, and it has always been like that. Out there it is a maze of conflicting philosophies, some of which are half-baked in that they are not complete — their reasoning cannot be taken through to apply to reality as we know it. If you are serious about this, it is best to listen to people who have been trained in understanding the many paths — someone who can help you make sense of it all.

¬†Once you know that Butterfly Path is your Path, a spiritual life coach can help to use your spiritual minds to solve problems in the lower-self. Some problems arise in ego, in fears, unfulfilled needs, anxiety, insecurities, interpersonal conflict and relationship problems. Your higher-self has “tools” and ways to help the lower-self deal with those matters.

People who are transitioning from lower-self to higher-self dominance find that heart problems, Anahata problems dominate and cause a lot of conflict. The spirit wants empathy, loving-kindness, equanimity and spiritual energy awareness BUT the lower-self wants to prioritize fulfilling of soul needs. Spiritual Path Coaches are well equipped to help you navigate these interesting (yet deeply confusing) times.

Once you progress on the higher-self part of the Path, you must have expert guides to walk alongside, it eases the Way. There are a LOT of spiritual things to learn about the higher self, and a well trained coach will be worth her weight in gold, myrrh and frankinsence.


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