Distance Healing When You cannot Attend a Center

Energy Healing


The term pranamayati is Sanskrit. It means “to study, and to move, prana”.

Pranamayti is the foremost therapy used by Preumatherapists in their professional practise of energy healing.

Energy work is effective when there is an energy connection between the healer and the receiver–and geographic distance has no bearing on it. As one develops Awareness of the presence of divine energies, and one connects and is affected by it, geographic distance between yourself and the divine (angel, prana, god…) has no bearing on the matter.


Our Story

We have been professional energy workers and healers for three decades. We have trained many professionals in Pneumatherapy and Pranamayati.

There are several Wayist centers around the world where one can book appointments for energy healing work.

However, not everyone can walk in to a center in the Bahamas, Cambodia, India or California, for example. Therefore we make distance energy healing work available from here.

All our therapists are well trained, certified and have a lot of experience.

Join Us, Let’s Walk This Journey Together

It is time for people to make soul and spirit maintenance the same priority as brushing teeth and eating wholesome food.

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