Butterfly Path: Transformative Spirituality

The book BUTTERFLY PATH: Transformative Spirituality, by long standing author Jean du Plessis is a “game changer” in the modern world of personal transformation and spirituality.

In BUTTERFLY PATH, the author brings together contemporary science, contemporary theories of mind and soul, Buddhism, Daoism, the teachings of Jesus, and the Yogic/Hindu Upanishads, Sufism, Gnosticism and Jainism to show the primordial spirituality that is the Butterfly Path has always been with humankind, ever since its founding.

The book, BUTTERFLY PATH: Transformative Spirituality makes a compelling case (from ancient studies of the chakras as minds, and a two decades of experience as a spiritual energy therapist) that the mental health of individuals and social ailments of modern society will not be cured without awareness in the human spirit. The self-help industry and natural notions of the human soul is to focus on the human brain and soul, and because of bad experiences with religions, we have ignored the human spirit at our own peril.

“You know the personal benefits to be had from moving and maintaining your physical self. You probably have a good sense of the benefits using and maintaining your mind, which is basically your soul. But you likely don’t realize the many benefits to be had from using and maintaining your spirit, and that it affects your sense of wellbeing, of balance, hope, courage, connection, and identity.”

Moving beyond the usual topics in personal development genre where emphases are on healing and transforming the mind and soul, BUTTERFLY PATH teaches about the next level, the world of the human spirit.

For spirituality to be truly transformative and helpful, the first thing that must happen is to know the difference between mind, spirit, and soul — BUTTERFLY PATH makes it very clear. 

To achieve success as a human being, we must know the purpose of life, why are we here, where are we destined and how to succeed — BUTTERFLY PATH is clear on this. 

BUTTERFLY PATH is the universal spiritual Path, it is original (primordial) core spirituality. It is quite unlike the religions, and the spiritualities marketed as exclusive clubs and esoteric secrets, available only to people who had western schooling or studies in ancient languages. 

“Spirituality at the core of the human soul and spirit, cannot be at its maximum efficiency only when one is interned as a monk, or engaged in high theological studies–the heights of spirituality happens in everday life–it is the essence of our existential experience as a human being.”

To illustrate the universality of Butterfly Path, the book is replete with sayings and poems of ancient mystics from all spiritual traditions throughout the ages.

By default, everyone already is on the BUTTERFLY PATH. To understand the Path is to understand soul, mind, spirit and our spiritual purpose. In turn, this brings contentment, joy, awe, wholeness and happiness to you and your relationships.

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