Jean du Plessis

Spirituality Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach

Helping you along the Path

Hello. I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of the wisdom to make spirituality palatable to critical thinkers. I will be honoured to be your guide and sojourner on the Way.

     My Story

I am a student and teacher of spiritual traditions and spirituality, and writer of several books, courses, and articles in the Wayist tradition.

Over the past four decades, I studied, learned, taught, and worked in the field of transformative spirituality and spiritual energy healing. I hold academic and honorary degrees in World Religions and Philosophy, a three-year seminary degree in Christian Theology and Pastoral Counselling. I have worked and lived in interesting and challenging situations across the world; from the inner-city slums of Johannesburg to those of Mumbai; I worked in ashrams and small villages in India and Nepal, the jungles of Cambodia and Vietnam, among other.

I serve on the Board of International Association of Wayist Organizations as Chairperson. It is a not-for-profit organization registered in Canada for the purpose of training Wayist teachers in the Butterfly Path, and training spiritual energy healers.

My author page:

You Can Be a Wayist Spiritual Teacher


You will know when you are called to the hard but amazing path to be a teacher, mentor and guide on the Path.

When that calling happens to you. Contact me, so I can show you the options of how to become trained and qualified.


You can learn to present Butterfly Path workshops. You may one day be called to learn to be a professional Energy Healer, or Meditation Teacher.


All our studies start with learning Wayist Philosophy.

My Approach

The purpose of this self-revealing view of my character and approach is to help students select the right teacher for them – this is VERY important because teachers of spirituality take you down uncomfortable alleys that challenge your mind and psyche – that is their job.

I am a down-to-earth person, more comfortable living in rural villages in developing areas than in the formal dress of priest, guru or Acharya ministering in a lavish church or ashram (which I did, for a while). 

I am terrible at ‘political correctness’ – it seems disingenuous to me; or perhaps I am just making excuses to resist change. Being authentic is important for me and I expect that of students. I have what you will soon have, a top-down worldview (looking at the affairs of life from the spiritual point of view), and an unconventional set of ethics and critical thinking abilities honed by decades of training in the Wayist slogan, Own Your Own Mind – Because if You Don’t, Someone Else Will.

My role in your life is two-part — one is to hold for you that mirror to your soul, and the second is to shine a light for you on the Path so you can know where your next step should be.

If there is no placement available for you right now as a student, please request to go on the waiting list.

Hope to meet with you soon on a retreat or webinar.

Much Love
Jean (Acharya Yajn)

Jean duPlessis writing living with Gujjar gypsies in the himalayas jammu kashmir

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