Metta meditation is the radiation of loving-kindness towards all beings. It attunes us to the Bodhisattva Path and sets the tone for our day. Healing happens inside us and around us as we adjust the energies that we generate and send into our environment.

The summary of the Metta Meditation is ‘May all be happy and peaceful.’ The word metta is a Pali-language word that means loving-kindness. It is often used in Wayism together with karuna, which means compassion.

The following pages guide us to understand the Pali-language words of the chant. We added a translation to English-language. The reason why we use the Pali and Sanskrit languages for mantras is because of

the prose, the rhythm and poetry which cannot be successfully translated to any other language. Additionally, as the sojourner travels along she learns deeper meanings of terms that help to enlighten.

Living loving-kindness is a spiritual skill learned by perfection from practise. To the uninitiated it sounds like nothing special and many will believe they already posses the skill. However, it takes a lot of spiritual work to advance on this. The best way to learn is to use this meditation regularly and to reflect on it during the course of life as one flows into higher awareness of all living energies.

We present the Pali-English text in two forms: 1) Four lines of Pali with for lines of English, and 2) one-line Pali with one-line English.

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