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Be part of the ‘Lotus Family’, the spiritual ‘Tribe’ you’ve been looking for.

If you have read Butterfly Path or other Wayist literature, you already know whether you spirit calls this Home, and if your soul yearns to establish and settle you in the Way.

Nobody can walk your walk for you, but we can make available to you the resources to continue along your journey.

Come, walk with us – be among kindred souls.

Membership Benefits


Online Workshops

We use Zoom to manage online workshops about various topics about personal and relationship topics in spirituality.

Weekly Group Meditation

We use Zoom to meet once per week. It is hard to sync the time because members are from all over the world. But that makes it very special.

online spiritual meetings

Weekly Talks

We add weekly Butterfly Talks & Caterpillar Awareness Talks. Archives are available. In these talks, senior Teachers gives an in-depth discussion about spiritual principles. Video or Podcast.


Every week we add videos of Wayist activities around the world.

wayist app smartphone

Online Community App

Members share in an exclusive online community app for iPhone and Android.


Members join us on retreats and workshops in exotic places from South East Asia to the azure seas of the Carribean.

Common Questions

What are the benefits of paying for membership?

If members contribute enough, we can provide high quality materials. We can afford servers, the services of sound and video editors, graphics specialists, web developers and event organizers–but most of all, we want to keep the Teachers teaching, rather than working elsewhere to make a living. Also, paid membership is exclusive–more of what you want, less of what we try an avoid out there.

What level of teaching do you present?

From mid-level upward. If you read Butterfly Path and it resonated with you, you are at least mid-level and will love being here.

What do you say to those who say spiritual teaching must be free?

There is an abundance of free spiritual teaching in the world. Wayist make available for free, hundreds of web pages. No church, or mosque will charge you; there are thousands of Facebook groups and Youtube channels on any flavour of spirituality you can imagine. Wayist spirituality, however, is costly to learn because it takes years, and it is expensive to present. To write a good spiritual teaching book takes years of dedication, will cost you $100k in labour. To study for 20+ years and seek out authentic teachers all over the world (while others earn a salary), can cost millions in lost income one will never recuperate. Top quality teaching is not easy to come by.

Why is the membership fee so small?

We are trying our hand at it this way. To see if it can be done.

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