Prayer of Loving-kindness for the USA

Communities across the world are now doing this prayer for the USA.

This video is free for the worldwide community to send healing and strength for Americans, to change the energies in the USA. When the energies are of fear, anger, entitlement and supreme individuality it makes the people sick, it weakens them…and so too their communities and their country. We pray for the leaders to become people of loving-kindness, and they will be honored in the world. We pray for all beings to safe, to be protected and cherished.

“If a majority of people change their energies to loving-kindness it will heal their community and their country. The energy of metta (loving-kindness) changes a person and a country.Such a person or country raise their self-respect and resilience to negative energies, it improves biological and social immunity, and heals holistically.”
Jean (Yajn) du Plessis.

Music by artist Imee Ooi (Chant of Metta)


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