3 Day Spiritual Retreat in PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico

2020 - October, November & 2021 - January, February
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Butterfly Path Retreat

Refunds Available up to 30 days before Retreat

Butterfly Path Lifestyle, Karman Yoga & Mantra Meditations, Yoga Philosophy, Spiritual Wellness & Energy Healing.

Experience a meaningful holiday. Sunshine for your soul & the Butterfly Path workshop for your spirit.

2020 - October 10-12 & November 7-9 (3-half days, Sat-Mon)

Welcome 2021 with a sunshine new year celebration - or - pamper your spirit and spread your wings. over Valentines.

2021 - January 2-4 & February 13-15 (3-half days, Sat-Mon)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Find answers to your questions.

  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What is my path?
  • What is the difference between soul and spirit?
  • Who am I?
  • How do I relate to me – my body, mind, soul, spirit and my spiritual energies?
  • How do I find joy and beauty in life and relationships?


  •  Butterfly Path Workshops – transforming &  evolving – you are already on your butterfly Path … now the continued journey.
  • Karman Yoga meditation (active, mindful, Pranic healing)
  • Mantra Meditation (exploring  & healing  journeys of the heart)
  • Yoga Philosophy insight
  •  Optional  – ‘Know your Karma’ – chakra analysis (chakra personality & development)


  • 3-half days
  • Mornings from 9 am – 1 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday & Monday



  • October 16-18
  • November 7-9


  • January 2-4 (celebrate New Year)
  • February 13-15 (spoil yourself over Valentines)


  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


  • English


Jean du Plessis

  • Spiritual  Teacher , Coach & Energy Healer
  • Author of the Butterfly Path & numerous other books (soon to be released)

Adele du Plessis

  • Spiritual Energy Healer, Coach & TeacherEnergy Healer
  • Author of  Karman Yoga Meditation (soon to be released)


  • Puerto Vallarta International Airport
  • IATA Code: PVR
  • Visa exemption for 69 countries
  • Confirm your visa requirements


  • Accommodation not provided
  • Many workshop participants book a vacation package.
  • Enjoy your vacation & attend the Butterfly Path workshop.
  • Escape for a few days to attend the Butterfly Path workshop – relax & recharge, evolve & change.

THINGS TO DO (optional)

Excursions not included in the Butterfly Path workshop – these are suggestions.

  • Spend time in old-town – interesting old treets & alleyways with shopping.
  • Sunset strolls on the malecon.
  • Islas Marietas – small islands  with intriguing rock formations and dive tours.
  • Whale watching  –  colder months at Banderas Bay. Dolphins almost year-round in the bay and on the coastline.
  • Adventure on dry land – jungle tours on foot, on horse or on motorbikes.
  • Zipline through the tree canopy or float down the river with an inner-tube.


  • Suitable for all levels
  • Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


  • US$ 345-


  • Deposit Policy – 40% 
  • Remaining amount of 60%  paid on arrival
  • Cancellation Policy


  • Butterfly Path: Transformational Spirituality – paperback signed by the author,  Jean du Plessis
  • ‘Know your Karma’ assessment – chakra analysis of your chakra personality & development.(with 40+ pg feedback)
  • Mala (semi-precious stone mala)
  • Silk Meditation Scarf from Cambodia
  • US$105-

What makes this Retreat Special

Spiritual learning in the warm, hospitable and rich Latino culture.  Here in the Pacifics, is where you want to unfurl your butterfly wings

Realize your journey is already on the path – the Butterfly Path – a  transformative teaching both ancient and contemporary.

Workshops presented by Adele and Jean (the author of the Butterfly Path) – their teaching is  based on decades of experience  in spiritual energy healing, and transformational spirituality. 

Daily Karman Yoga meditation (mindful & active), and Mantra meditation (heart focus).

Give yourself a vacation with meaning and purpose.  Your world, as you understand it, will change.  Your idea of self and where you fit in the big picture, will change.

It is possible for you to book a vacation package to attend the Butterfly Path workshop.  No more wondering what to do, or which excursion to go on.

Run away to charge and nourish your soul in the sunshine for a few days.  Return with you spirit soaring and free.


Find the answer to the question ... What is the purpose of life?

You will understand the crucial difference between soul and spirit.

You will experience a transformation in your spirituality, and your worldview will become more peaceful.

You will embrace self-love.

You will be happier.

Your relationships will improve.

Discover Yoga of the Way & the Lotus Heart

Understanding & insight into your chakra personalities

You will be able to do Karman Yoga & to meditate.

Location – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a stunning resort town located on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Known for its spectacular beaches, marine life, water sports, and local resorts, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

Puerto Vallarta has an old history – in the 16th century the Spanish frequented the Bay of Banderas to repair their ships and to stock-up on supplies. 

Stroll along the Malecón at sunset and feel the culture of Puerto.  Old town is full of shops, bars, restaurant.  Enjoy the sand sculptures, and local art on display.

Puerto Vallarta is an international airport with direct flights from most of North America’s hubs.




    Butterfly Path workshops - transform yourself into a butterfly and be ready to spread your wings.


    Karman Yoga meditation - you will love this active, mindful meditation with gentle reminders of our every life and daily approach.


    Mantra meditations - learn to meditate, heal and find inner peace and calm.


    Light refreshments


    Optional in afternoons: Personal Coaching & Energy Healing

    What’s Included in this Package

    • Butterfly Path Workshops – transformative with the promise to inspire and change your personal and world view
    • Karman Yoga meditation (active, mindful, Pranic healing)
    • Mantra Meditation (exploring  & healing  journeys of the heart)
    • Take away notes
    • Light refreshments


    Optional services (please enquire in advance)

    • Personal Coaching – Stress / Relationships / Spirituality
    • Personal Spiritual Energy Healing –  Healing and feedback

    Optional add-on $105

    • Butterfly Path: Transformational Spirituality – paperback signed by the author  Jean du Plessis
    • ‘Know your Karma’ – chakra analysis of your chakra personality & development.(with 40+ pg feedback)
    • Mala (semi-precious stone mala)
    • Silk Meditation Scarf from Cambodia


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