No Two Couples Are the Same

We cannot tell people how to do things in their relationships. We work with couples across many cultures, all have different cultural values.

We can only speak from the viewpoint of the Butterfly Path–it has its own set of ethics based in humbleness, self-love, self-respect, loving-kindness, and many more.

As coaches, we are human and we know about life because we have made many, many, mistakes and learned from experience. We put Jean and Adele’s picture up here not because they are an ideal for a relationship — but their experience has a story to tell. They have been together for more than 30-years, working and studying together, 24/7, 365. Imagine how many mistakes one can make in that time — its like 3 lifetimes worth of marriage in one!

Based on our fallability as humans and the hundreds of hours of coaching we have behind us, our coaches may be helpful to you.

See you inside.

Self Discovery

It takes a session or two for us to learn about you, you to learn about us, and all of us to be comfortable with ourselves and the online format, and what we want from it all.

Inner Wisdom

All change comes from within yourself. It happens because of insight you gain of yourself, your partner and the relationship–we use spirituality as the foundation for insight.


We call this phase Purification not because it is purity–it is the beginning of the process of purification of the realtionship. We can set you on course and let you go, or we can walk with you a while.

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