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What We Do

How to lead a dedicated spiritual lifestyle while living in the normal world–without being all too weird.

As spiritual teachers we have to find the level at which a student must start. There is no use presenting grade-5 work to a grade-8 student, and vise versa–that would be a disservice to student and teacher both.

Once we have the correct starting point, you are on a steep learning path. Not a feel-good path where the teachers tell you kind words your ego wants to hear–no–we take this seriously. This is holy work, what you do on your spirit, and we want that to be so.

Due to the intense nature of teacher/student relations and energy connections, we have very limited ‘seats’. Please put yourself on the waiting list if you cannot be attended to immediately.


With the help of people who have comes this Way before, discover for yourself where you are on the Path. This determines the beginning of the future.


The Path is all about learning and future growth. This phase makes you aware of developmentally-appropriate lesssons coming your way — and how to deal with it.

Path of Growth

The Path of growth is ongoing. Some say it ends with enlightenment–we are not so sure. We think, once enlightened we wake up “in heaven” and find that we are juniors there–and the Path of growth and learning continues.

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