Insightful chakra session

I booked the Pranamayati – An ancient Prana chakra-energy healing therapy is to “to understand and move Prana energy” . Energizing and healing process heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), when I arrived Jean and me had a nice chat about life and I felt immediately she is a wise and big hearted person plus I trusted her 100%. Upstairs I lied down 30 minutes maybe so she felt my chakras, after that she discusses what is blocked, strong or weak. I didn’t have much knowledge about Chakra before so I really liked her explanation. She really took her time and at the end she opened my blocked energy centers. I felt energy was flowing freely up and down. This experience gave me good guidance in what I should be looking for in my next life decisions. Next time in Cambodia I will definitely come again. Thousand thanks!

Achim L

IHighlight for the heart

Sometimes when you travel alone it seems like everyone is now on their phones all the time and so disconnected from themselves and each other. It was so nice meeting Adele and coming into this centre. I arranged via email a time to pop in and meet her as I was unsure what kind of healing session was right for me. She was so generous with her time and I ended up having a prana-mayati session with her that day. The wisdom she shared, her ability to understand the depths of me and to give a lighthearted approach to it was beautiful. She has healing hands and a big heart. As a primary health professional myself I would never recommend someone if I didn’t think you were in excellent hands. I had an additional session a few days later at my own request simply because her work and the shift I felt helped re-centre me for the rest of the trip. Ideally I’ll come back for the retreat! Enjoy!! Oh .. and she also gave me great recommendations of places to see and eat, tuk tuk drivers and day trips – this was all genuine and was really appreciated


Lightness throughout

Adele and Jean were super accommodating to welcome me and my partner, although fully booked. Jean was very welcoming, light, calm, generous and gives you that feeling of serenity. He took his time to explain a lot to us before, during and after our sessions. The healing sessions themselves left us in a state of lightness and we could feel the effect right after we left. The points he made were very spot on and we took his advices closely to help us better ourselves. Thank you so much for the light and love!

Joelle Z

Great Experience

I had the pleasure to visit for the day while in Siem Reap. Insightful conversations, mind-opening new understanding of self and healing energies absorbed to make this a must do experience for any earthly soul seeking Spiritual wisdom, balance and peace. I feel grateful to have had this experience.


Learning about my self

I was there for holidays and I wanted to do something different. I found the website and I knew I wanted to do it.

The environment was so peacefull, Adele was amazing and answering all my questions.

After a while I receive the repport and, I was surprise with all the information.

Chackras, something that I didn’t know anything before and something that I’m curious now. Something that I didn’t pay attention until I meet with Adele but, after our sesion I realize the importance of it, so much you can learn from it .

When I left I even asked her if she was planning a trip to Europe somewhere because I would love to repeat the sesion again to see how’s my progress.

Thanks Adele for giving me so much!!!!



Know your soul

Highly recommended for everyone who wants to get to know themselves in spiritual and personal level. It’s priceless to have the knowledge about chakras and be aware about how it influences our lives during this lifetime. What a beautiful journey Adele & Jean! So many blessings

Thanks for all!

“Where the mind goes the energy goes”

Juliana M

Amazing experience spiritual retreat

For my sister and me, it was one of the best experiences ever. John and Adele are wonderful and wise. We learned a lot and we healed. We needed it. The place is so peaceful, the food is amazing! They even provide Cambodian snacks that you can only find outside schools.

I learned a lot about me. It helped me in my soul process.

Thank you again! Loved this! Hope to come back again soon


Truly healing experience

The first impression when I came to the center is that you are at your dear friend’s home. I have been warmly welcomed by Adelle, and felt her care right away. I am fascinated by Adelle’s skills to find the right words, by her immense knowledge and lovely heart. The healing is amazing, she carefully diagnoses and understands the body and soul, and it all makes sense. I felt relaxed and healed, but most of all I have learned soo much. The value of learning about myself I received is beyond expectations.

On top of that Adelle is a great guide of the area, she is passionate about the temples, the history of Cambodia. We talked, we learned, we chatted, we shared great food. It’s was amazing from all angles. All I can say, I want to just visit again. Thank you!


Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Short clarification of Karman Yoga Meditation which is an active and mindful meditation, incorporating the three descriptive yoga disciplines mentioned on the booking engine. Hatha yoga – taking care of our health in all aspects, not only the asanas (physical postures). Vinyasa yoga – movements flowing from one pose to the other. Karma yoga – the path of unselfish action. Sorry to hear that you found the Karman Yoga disappointing. The traditional Khmer lunches prepared by a local family are enjoyed by most retreat participants and the cultural experience of eating authentic Khmer meals appreciated. We will endeavor to improve on this aspect. Wishing you love and light on your journey.
WayistCenter, General Manager at Wayist Spiritual Energy Center

True Transfiguration

Deep in grief and feeling as far away from my true self as I ever have, I ended up at the Wayist Centre in dire need of the Two Day Spiritual Healing package.

Greeted with warmth by the lovely practitioner, in a quiet sanctuary away from the bustle of Cambodia, my soul immediately knew I was in the right place.

Over two incredible, deep days of various meditations, chakra and karma readings, detoxes and energy healings, I not only felt the weight of grief lift but I came away with some wonderful insights into my own suffering and even better, tangible ways I could work on these after leaving.

Without much knowledge of this centre I took a chance, largely based on the glowing reviews, and I can safely say they’re all a true testament to this magnificent place and it’s beautiful healers.

My only regret is not having time for the full seven day retreat!

Thank you to all the team for blessing me with your divine energy and allowing me to move forward with grace and open channels.

Brady P

An experience to remember

I had one of the most blissful weeks. It was more then I could have hoped for. I felt alive again and came home with an open heart and and open mind. The retreat has been one of the best things I have chosen to do in my travels. Adele, Stephanie and Jean are such supportive people with such a wealth of knowledge. I had so much fun times and leant so much. I will be back to visit 🙂

Tamara A

A must do !

Meeting with Jean and Adele has been a fantastic experience, I would recommend them anyday, I lack of word to describe my experience there and the benefits I left with, amazing experience, a must do for anyone in quest for spiritual growth and true relaxation. Lou

Lou J


I booked a ‘Know your Karma’ session and ended up doing a meditation retreat for a whole week. Stepping through the door of the Centre, I knew that this was the place I was looking for. The warm, friendly, serene and peaceful atmosphere at the Centre makes this the ideal place for connection with the true Self. Jean, Adele and the Team were absolutely fantastic, providing all that was needed throughout the week – knowledge, various energy therapies, inspiring conversations, friendly chats and hugs!! Thank you all for your presence. Can’t wait to be back. Namaste!

Stephanie C

A mixture of pure wisdom and love

I have been to this place for 3 times within 2 years, I believe that both of Jean and Adele ( the founders of this place) are my best teachers.

Lots of peace, love and a long term lasting wisdom in my soul.

Their teachings are like planting a lovely seeds in our hearts, and by time you will smell it’s beautiful fragrance while it grows, and soon you will tastes the delicious flavors of it’s COLORFUL fruits, within, in your soul.

Much love, peace and joy, to my teachers and to you, in the WAY.



Unique Interesting Experience

I was recently travelling in Siem Reap & I came accross the wayist centre while googling things to do in the area. I love to try new things & experiences. Im a little in healing etc so when I read about what they do there I new I had to go there- I hadent heard of anything like it before! I didnt have a huge amount of time or funds so I chose the 3 hour popular package which included 3 separate (know your karma, spiritual diagnosis & pranamayati healing) but I had no idea what to expect. My session was with Adele who is lovely & made me feel at ease. The centre is beautiful, calm & relaxing. Adele gave me lots of advice during the session which I am going to do my best to follow & after chakra healing I felt on top of the world! I am very much looking forward to receiving a report on the all of findings in a few weeks & would love to go back to the centre for the 1/2 day package or even a retreat in the future. I def recommend a visit here if you are in Siem Reap, not to be missed! Thank you Adele xx


Day of Healing

I had such a powerful day with Adele. It was a much needed day of healing and unburdening of old wounds. It was very emotional and exactly what I was needing. I woke the next morning light and free with a new outlook and peace about my life. Thank you so much!

The center is a beautiful space and I look forward to returning someday!


Amazing Experience!!!

I had wanted to attend a retreat for a while but was unsure what to expect as I wasn’t a very spiritual person but was interested & wanted to explore. I was at a very low point in my life & was feeling very confused and was unsure what to do about it. As soon as I connected with Adele I knew I had made the right decision. Adele is an amazing person with such a caring nature & a great sense of humor. From the moment I arrived both Adele and Jean made me feel like I was part of the family. We made ourselves at home for the week long retreat and it was the most amazing experience. I learned so much about spirituality and myself and would love to do it again. We had several treatments whilst on this retreat and I thoroughly enjoyed them all. We spent a full day at Angkor Wat which linked in nicely to the retreat and what we had been learning & Adele was the perfect guide for this. I had some issues with my accommodation & Adele was more than happy to sort them out for me and help with any other travelling issues that I had. Being a first time solo traveler I was very grateful. If you’re looking at this retreat you’re here for a reason…. just do it, you will not regret it.


This place is a gem in Siem reap. Great place for spiritual retreat, full of positive energy.

Thank you Jean and Billie for helping me clear my chakra and energy healing session. I am now moving forward with clarity.

Thanks Adele for the info and support.

This place is a gem in Siem reap.

Pinya V

A retreat at the Wayist is a way to treat your self

I learned many hidden aspects of myself. I started the healing process here. It is because of the two human beings that run this retreat. Adele & Jean walk their talk. They are authentic and have big hearts along with so much knowledge. I cannot say enough good about the two of these people. I left with Knowledge in a new understanding that absolutely makes sense.I can’t imagine anybody coming away with anything but a life changing experience


Know your Karma and Chakra balancing

My adult daughter and I had a wonderful uplifting experience. Thoroughly recommend. Alot of wisdom and knowledge was shared.??

Tracy W

My first retreat

My objective for signing up for a 6 day retreat was: wanting to learn and understand spiritual energy and also to do yoga. Even though the website lists 3 kinds of yoga, all we did was Karman yoga. That was disappointing. The property is nice and well kept and the instructor were friendly and knowledgeable. The learning sessions: I would have like the delivery of the information with more enthusiasm and better presentation skills. The retreat was a little pricy. The lunches were very mediocre.


Difficult to find the words to discribe such a life awakening experience

Deep in burnout fueled anxiety and a real need to discover what I needed next in my life, the 6 day retreat at the Wyaist Center provided the nourishment, knowledge and healing I needed. From the warm inviting emails prior to attending, the energy fueled Karmic meditiation (a must for anyone who struggles to just sit down and blank their mind for half an hour, this is active and about using movement to achieve a state of meditation) and the brilliant family vibe, I cant recommend this place enough. I have learnt so much about spirituality, history and life skills, I feel as though I have truly awakened to life. With an open Anahata chakra full of enegry and love thank you so much!

Ffion T

The most beautiful experience in Siem Reap

Cambodia has always had a special place in my heart. I’ve travelled there many times but my last visit has changed my life forever. I came to know about Wayist Spiritual Energy Centre while attending a yoga retreat in Siem Reap. My retreat was coming to an end and I knew something was still missing. In panic, I googled healing centres and contacted Adele via WhatsApp on 31st December to book an appointment. I explained how I only had few days left in Siem Reap, and Adele happily booked me in the next day (New Years Day!). My spirituality has beautifully grown since that day I stepped foot in the centre. In April, I travelled back to Siem Reap and spent the most life changing week at the retreat. There is an incredible amount of learnings to take away, and connections to create. The highlights for me were the daily workshops, mantra meditation, temple tour, detox, karman yoga and the delicious vegetarian food (special mention on the mango salad!). I can go on and on and on. I cannot stop talking about the wonderful things I learned from this retreat to my friends and family, who at the end of every conversation have considered travelling to Cambodia to attend the retreat themselves. I absolutely 100% recommend this to anyone who is wanting to start, explore or enhance their spiritual journey. Adele, John, Steffi and Roz have welcomed me in the centre like family. I love them to bits. Will definitely go back soon! ?

Charisse E

Amazing spiritual center

I’m so thankful for finding this spiritual center since I’ve been in a spiritual journal looking for those kind of experience. Sometimes is hard because you never know if the place is trustworthy or not. I went for the ‘know your karma’ report and also have received acupressure massage which I highly recommend. During the massage, many strong feelings came up and in a certain point, I even cried (I guess I need it). I left the center feeling blessed, very happy and smily, with my heart full of good energy and my chakras balanced. I wish I had more time in Siem Reap to be able to attend their retreat. I’ll certainly go back there once I’ll be back in town. They’re reliable people and very blessed, full of wisdom and knowledge. I could really feel the peace, goodness and love from their hearts. Thank you so much for everything.

Linny G

Thank you!

I’ve been there for a 6 day “Spiritual Energy retreat”.

What I experienced is beyond words.

With supportment and compassion, Anna and Jean opened us forgotten doors.

Overwhelming opportunity of spiritual growth – so long as your open and allow yourself with full faith to be borne by the flow of life and then discover all the doors. ( :

It will be an intensive time – many lessons in our school of life have to be learnt but with no doubt, it’s all worth it!

From the depth of my heart – thank you, dudes.

Namaste Chantale


Spiritually Energizing

Revitalized after this retreat indeed!

Much love and peace is found here other than daily meditations, learning and fun. Adele and John are amazing souls, always helpful and attentive to your needs..

The team and the location is perfect.

Very special journey, cant wait for part 2 😉

Thank you !!

Yael F

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